NASA Television 2009 Philo T. Farnsworth Primetime Emmy Award

The full list of nominees can be found here:

Comedy Series: 5/6. The surprise inclusion of Silicon Valley teaches us to never underestimate the power of HBO (except for the fact that it replaced Girls.)

Drama Series: 5/6.  Despite speculation to the contrary, the Academy still loves Downton Abbey.

Lead Actor, Comedy Series: 5/6. The Academy loves Ricky Gervais like nobody else.

Lead Actress, Comedy Series: 5/6. No surprises here.  I didn’t predict Melissa McCarthy, but I considered it.

Lead Actor, Drama Series: 6/6.

Lead Actress, Drama Series: 4/6. Lizzy Caplan was a pleasant surprise, but not pleasant enough to make up for the fact that Tatiana Maslany will probably never receive any Emmy love for Orphan Black.

Supporting Actor, Comedy Series: 4/6. I wasn’t pulling for Fred Armisen (mostly because it’s the wrong category), but I won’t complain.

Supporting Actress, Comedy Series: 4/6 (plus partial credit for Kate Mulgrew, who was my 7th choice). Cool to see an SNL cast member get a nomination as early into her run on the show as Kate McKinnon is.

Supporting Actor, Drama Series: 4/6. Jon Voight, huh?

Supporting Actress, Drama Series: 3/6. Looks like I picked the wrong former nominee who didn’t really didn’t do much this season (Emilia Clarke instead of Christina Hendricks).