Spy Movie
In the beginning of Spy, it makes sense that everyone underestimates Susan Cooper. She’s never been out in the field, and she does not look like the typical secret agent. But at a certain point, when her quick thinking and physical training gets her out of trouble for the umpteenth time, it is a little hard to believe that everyone has not noticed. But it also seems like everyone has noticed, whether or not they’ve said so. After all every major male character seems to have fallen in love with her by the end.

Since the message of Spy is so tangled, its success rests on the strength of its comedy. That aspect is rather mean-spirited, but understandably so, because the insults tend to come from some clearly terrible people. It would have added welcome depth if Rose Byrne’s Rayna Boyanov were more than cartoonishly evil, but she did relish yelling that she was surrounded by idiots.