Brooklyn is a film about decision-making. After returning to her homeland for her sister’s funeral, Irish immigrant Eilis Lacy (Saoirse Ronan) has two fine choices for how her life should proceed: return to New York to start a new life with Italian-American beau Tony (Emory Cohen), or remain with her family and childhood friends and possibly explore a romance with a lad named Jim Farrell (Domhnall Gleeson). Though she agonizes over the decision, as both options offer the promise of personal and professional happiness, her story progresses such that there is really only one right choice. It is small-scale, but infinitely relatable. Making any major life decision means that different major decisions have not been chosen. Eilis is lucky enough to know what she really wants, even when it overwhelms her. That said, it still takes a lot of effort to put those desires into action. It requires devoted acting to demonstrate the power of these moments – Ronan conveys a world of wonder as she looks ahead.