Sausage Party

The conventional wisdom on Sausage Party seems to be that the satire is surprisingly effective, but it could be even better without all the juvenile humor. I say the opposite is true. Jokes are the strong suit, and the message-mongering gets in the way. The film is certainly anti-religion, but ultimately concessions are made to the “all beliefs are bad” position. The trouble is, just about every character is a stereotype, which is not necessarily a problem in and of itself (poking at stereotypes is a fine comedic tradition), but when you want a nuanced message, the characters ought to be nuanced as well. When Sausage Party gets messy and metaphysical, it is looser, more comfortable, and more satisfying. Your mileage may vary on the humor value of a literal food orgy, but the creativity therein cannot be denied.

I give Sausage Party 5 ½ Franks in 8 Buns.