This Is a Movie Review: I, Tonya

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I give I, Tonya 4.5 out of 5 Triple Axels:


This Is a Movie Review: The Disaster Artist

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CREDIT: Justina Mintz/A24

I give The Disaster Artist 4.5 out of 5 Doggies:

This Is a Movie Review: Wonder Wheel

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CREDIT: Jessica Miglio/Amazon Studios

I give Wonder Wheel 2 out of 5 Humptys:

This Is a Movie Review: The Shape of Water

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CREDIT: Fox Searchlight Pictures

I give The Shape of Water 4 out of 5 Slices of Key Lime Pie:

This Is a Movie Review: IT (2017)

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CREDIT: Warner Bros.

I am surprised that I haven’t come across more (or any) takes of IT that talk about how big a deal abuse is. Because as far as I can tell, that is what the whole thing is all about. Like, I’m pretty sure Pennywise is a metaphor for an entire town poisoned by a legacy of abuse. And that is what makes this movie scary. Every member of the Losers Club has a home life that ranges from sad to actively dangerous, and then when they go out into town, they are beset by shockingly violent bullies, who themselves are the victims of brutish parenting. It makes sense that Bill steps up as the leader, as the worst his dad does is refuse to confront his family’s loss head-on. The relative stability in that unit is allowed to be rocked by the death of younger brother Georgie because abuse has a long tail.

IT often presents its abuses and the responses to it with some combination of baroque and grotesque. Bev’s sexual advances from her father are met with their bathroom being filled with buckets of blood. Eddie’s mother, who fuels his hypochondria, is not just obese, she is so abnormally shaped that it looks like she has a bunch of balloons under her dress. The evil in IT is both morally and aesthetically ugly. In the town of Derry, it only makes sense that a force of pure evil would take the form of a smiling, dancing clown.

I give IT (2017) 400 Floats of 500 Too’s.

This Is a Movie Review: Call Me by Your Name

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CREDIT: Sony Pictures Classics

I give Call Me by Your Name 3.5 out of 5 Nosebleeds:

This Is a Movie Review: Darkest Hour

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CREDIT: Jack English/Focus Features

I give Darkest Hour 2.75 out of 5 Litanies of Catastrophe:

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