Best Super Bowl 51 Commercials

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I’m still ranking the best Super Bowl commercials. Click on the link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Best Super Bowl 50 Commercials

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The Super Bowl was 6 days ago. I am posting this list on a Saturday. The biggest trends this year were cinematic montages and Paul Rudd.


4. AXE, “Find Your Magic” – Inclusivity.


East West Bowl 3: Pro Edition Lineups

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This one is sure to be the most extravagant.

Creme De La Creme, Vanderbilt University
Cosgrove Shumway, Clemson
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, University of Alabama
Doink Ahanahue, Marshall
Legume Duprix, West Virginia University
Leger Douzable, University of Central Florida
Quisperny G’Dunzoid Sr., Central Connecticut State University
Grunky Peep, Georgia Southern University
D’Brickashaw Ferguson, University of Virginia
Strunk Flugget, University of South Carolina
Stumptavian Roboclick, Grambling State
Cornelius ‘Tank’ Carradine, Florida State University
Vagonius Thicket-Suede, Duke
Marmadune Shazbot, Tulane University
Swordless Mimetown, Jacksonville State University

Prince Amukamara, University of Nebraska
J.R. Junior Juniors Jr., Texas Christian University
Faux Doadles, University of Oregon
Fozzy Whittaker, The University of Texas
Myriad Profiteroles, Utah
Busters Brownce, Illinois State
Turdine Cupcake, Yuniaty (?)
Rerutweeds Myth, University of Washington (“Washingtwon”)
Ishmaa’ily Kitchen, Kent State University
Takittothu’ Limit, College of the Canyons
Snarf Mintz-Plasse, East Los Angeles College
Frostee Rucker, University of Southern California
Splendiferous Finch, Northwestern University
Triple Parakeet-Shoes, Ball State
Logjammer D’Baggagecling, North Texas University
A.A. Ron Rodgers, Cal

Star Wars vs. Football

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On last night’s @midnight, Chris Hardwick claimed that he was tricked into watching football to see the Star Wars trailer and then compared it to a Hungry Man commercial airing during Project Runway. I must take exception to this, because while there are plenty of general differences between the football and Star Wars fandoms, they are both so popular that they have plenty of crossover. It is more like a commercial for a Christmas special airing during a Halloween special. Those are probably the 2 most popular American holidays (maybe Thanksgiving is second or first, but Christmas and Halloween are definitely both top 3), but they are definitely significantly different. One’s more of a friends holiday, the other a family holiday. Some Halloween lovers probably hate Christmas, and vice versa. But there are folks who love ’em both.


For me, football and Star Wars were two of my earliest fandoms. I’ve grown a little disillusioned with both, though, thanks to concussions and rah-rah tribalism in the case of the former and Jar-Jar Binks in the case of the latter. But when I see something like the stupidest ever trick play from the Colts, I gotta keep watching. And when I behold BB-8 rolling along, I’m like, “I guess you better get me a ticket.”

Best 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

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Weirder is better, and so are surprises.

1. Squarespace – “Om” – My takeaway from Super Bowl XLIX: We’ll all be better off if we just let Jeff Bridges lead us in meditation.


Best 2014 Super Bowl Commercials

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I am just about 100% positive that halftime commercials did not use to be included in the USA Today Ad Meter.  Now, it appears they are included (at least for the most part).  Well, regardless, I did consider the halftime commercials.  I pretty much had to this year.

EDIT: I’m sorry, I meant to put the ironic, yet sincere “Make Love, Not War” by Axe at Number 1.  Please place everything else down one slot.

1. Honda – “Hugfest” – Don’t ever stop hugging, Fred.

2. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee – I’ll just quote @Seinfeld2000: “Honestly was that a dream or was sienfeld realy just on TV”

3. Radio Shack – “Phone Call” – The perfect dramatization of a classic joke.

4. Budweiser – “Puppy Love” – Not particularly clever, but there was a puppy.

5. H&M – “Beckham” – This one speaks for itself

Honorable Mention: The Bud Light “Epic Night” spots felt like a missed opportunity for such a cool idea, but at least Reggie Watts was in them.

2013 East/West Bowl Lineups

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Let’s see if they can put last year’s spectacle to shame:

Coznesster Smiff, Rutgers University
Elipses Corter, University of Alabama
Nyquillus Dillwad, LSU
Bismo Funyuns, Florida State University
DeCatholac Mango, Georgia Tech University
Mergatroid Skittle, University of Louisville
Quiznatodd Bidness, University of Tennessee
D’Pez Poopsie, Ole Miss
Quackadilly Blip, Auburn University
Goolius Boozler, The U
Bisquiteen Trisket, University of Michigan
Fartrell Cluggins, University of Arkansas
Blyrone Blashinton, Syracuse
Cartoons Plural, Virginia Tech
Jammie Jammie-Jammie, The Ohio State University

Equine Ducklings, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
DaHistorious LaMystorius, Utah State University
Ewokoniad Sigourneth Juniorstein, Oklahoma State University
Eqqsquizitine Buble-Schwinslow, University of Nebraska
Huka’Lakanaka Hakanakaheekalucka’Hukahakafaka, University of Hawaii
King Prince Chambermaid, Baylor University
LaDennifer JaDaniston, University of Colorado
Ladadadaladadadadada Dala-Dadaladaladalada, University of Arizona
Harvard University, Devry University
— — .-. … . / -.-. — -.. ., Army Navy Surplus Store
Wing Dings*, Online Classes
Firstname Lastname, College University
God, Homeschool
Squeeeeeeeeeeps, Santa Monica College
Benedict Cumberbatch, Oxford University
A.A. Ron Balakay, Morehouse College

*-If anyone knows how to use Wingdings on WordPress, let me know!

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