This Is a Movie Review: Free Fire

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I give Free Fire 2.5 out of 5 V Necks:


SNL Recap May 7, 2016: Brie Larson/Alicia Keys

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My full review can be found on Starpulse:

Church Chat – B-

Brie Larson’s Monologue – B-

President Barbie – B+

American Medical Association Interview – B+

Baby Shower – B+

Alicia Keys – “In Common” – B+

Weekend Update
The Jokes – B+
Newscaster of Tomorrow Laura Parsons – B
Sasheer Zamata – B
Pete Davidson – B-

Game of Thrones – B

Quiz Whiz 2018 – B+

Discreet Annihilation – B+

Alicia Keys – “Hallelujah” – B+

Dead Bopz (BEST OF THE NIGHT) – A-